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What is it? 

IgnitingTalent is a career-readiness program for Juniors and Seniors uncertain of their post high school future created in partnership with School Counselors and the business community.


The program provides each student with a series of real world, hands-on, micro-internships that exposes them to a variety of professions, helping them discover a fulfilling career path that sets them up for success. Each micro-internship lasts two-weeks.

  Why start

this Program?​

  Because not every high school kid knows what they want to be when they grow up.

How does it work?

1 . High school Juniors and Seniors, with the assistance of IgnitingTalent staff and School Counselors, select up to three micro-internships.


In identifying their potential career paths, students may be inspired by their own personal interests, personality and career assessment tests administered by IgnitingTalent and/or School Counselors, or a career catalogue.


2. Once the micro-internships are selected, IgnitingTalent pair’s the student with companies (called Career Launchers) in their fields of interest.


3. At the completion of the micro-internships, the student informs IgnitingTalent if they have a continued interest in a particular field. The IgnitingTalent team will then assist the student in creating a pathway to enter the field, identifying practical training and academic requirements, as well as potential compensation and career growth.


4. Upon commitment to a specific career path, IgnitingTalent, through the JoeAbate Chritable Foundation, will award the student a scholarship to be used for career-related schooling and/or training

What’s the payoff?

1. An amazing opportunity to create a potential, long-term career pathway.

2. The chance to gain critical experience and build a network of professional contacts.


3. Students become self-advocates by taking control of their future.

Want to get involved?

Whether you’re a high school or a potential “Career Launcher” (business), we want to hear from you. Just complete the contact form and let us know in the message section that you’re interested in IgnitingTalent.


If you’re a student interested in micro-internships, please have your School Counselor contact us.


West Haven, CT High School Principal Dana Paredes with IgnitingTalent students. The school is partnering with IgnitingTalent in a pilot program and will place an additional six students in the IgnitingTalent summer program

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